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Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

Are you enduring symptoms such as:

• Regular, terrifying thoughts concerning flying
• Refusing to travel because you are too afraid
• Increasing anxiety levels as the travel date gets closer
• Feeling overwhelming anxiety during take-off and landing
• Panicking during normal turbulence
• Feeling incapable of relaxing while travelling
• Just the thought of booking a flight scares the crap out of you

And the more negative feelings you have about flying, the stronger your subconscious mind connects it with fear. Fear is a subconscious fight or flight response. When you're gripped by fear, beyond what is considered normal, you know that it's a subconscious response that's causing you to feel that way.

This Overcome Your Fear of Flying program works quickly and easily to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can relax and start to enjoy flying.

Using guided visualisation, hypnotherapy and NLP, you can transform how you feel about flying.

Overcome Your Fear of Flying is a unique protocol that uses a powerful sequential system to reprogram your mind quickly and easily. Identifying the cause, overwriting the fearful flying program and updating your subconscious programs to be relaxed with travel and flying.

As you listen to this program, you'll start to notice that you:

• Feel calmer and more relaxed
• Are more relaxed about upcoming trips
• Can enjoy time on a plane
• Look forward to travelling
• Are calm and in control when flying

Here's just some of what is covered to take you step by step through the process of overcoming your fear of flying for good.

Get the Overcome Your Fear of Flying now and experience relaxing flights. You can listen on your phone or device of your choice.

Download the MP3 today and  begin listening to it in minutes...

What you'll get:

  • Track 1: Intro - Caroline takes you through what the program involves.

  • Track 2: Fast Phobia Cure - This track uses the NLP - Fast Phobia Cure technique to quickly clear the fear and negative associations you have with flying.

  • Track 3: Heal the Fear - This track helps you to heal the part of you that's afraid to fly and clear the blocking beliefs that are keeping you afraid and holding you back.

  • Track 4: Confident Flying - This track reprograms your subconscious to be relaxed when on a plane and enjoy flying. This track is perfect for listening to when you are flying to ensure a calm and comfortable flight.

    All tracks come in two versions: one if you are listening during the day with suggestions at the end to wake up and be alert and one for bedtime that gives you suggestions for a great sleep at the end.

By Caroline Cranshaw, Mind Body Health Limited

What People Are Saying:

Fear of Flying I met with Caroline who was superbly lovely and listened intently to everything I had to say, she explained it all very clearly to me what was going to happen and how I would feel etc, it was amazing and I am so glad that I met Caroline and got help for my fear of flying.

Jen L

Fear of Flying I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough, She is truly fantastic!! I have had a fear or flying for a number of years, and had an extreme fear for one particular trip that was leading up fast. I was highly anxious. I had one session with Caroline and I walked out of the appointment with a whole lot of weight off my shoulders, confidence, calmness and ease. I felt more calm about the flights after the one session than the weeks prior, she worked her magic I had the tools and mind set to travel 4 international flights over 8 days. Caroline also kindly provided me with a great deal of information, links and recording to help with fear of flight and anxiousness. I couldn't be more thankful to her for helping me overcome such a major fear I had been fighting with, and in result have a relaxing holiday. I would highly recommend Caroline, she is genuine, kind, open, honest and true professional in her field with a real gift. Thank-you again!

Justine C